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Our Team

Rahr Corporation

Rahr Corporation is a family owned company that has been in business since 1847. Rahr Corporation produces and distributes malt and industry related brewing supplies. Rahr’s modern malt production plants are strategically located in Shakopee, MN and Alix, Alberta. Malting operations are supported by Rahr’s barley procurement and distribution facility located in Taft, North Dakota.

Brewers Supply Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rahr Corporation, offers a full array of products and support for the craft brewing industry.

Koda Management

Stacy Cook


Stacy is the President of Koda Energy. He has been part of the Koda team since the construction of the facility was still ongoing. He developed the roles and responsibilities for all the hourly staff at the facility, trained all operations staff in the performance of their duties, and wrote all the initial operating procedures and parameters for the equipment when he was the Chief Engineer. In the autumn of 2010 he was promoted to Vice President of Plant Operations, then to Vice President of Operations and General Manager in 2012, before ultimately being named President of Koda Energy in December 2017. Prior to being hired in 2008 as the Chief Engineer, Stacy operated a large utility power plant for Xcel Energy. He has been involved with operations and management in various types and sizes of plants since 1989 while using many different sources of energy including coal, biomass, natural gas, refuse derived fuel, oil, chemical recovery, and hydro. In his current role, he is responsible for oversight of all company activities, staff, and commercial relationships. He has continued to focus on sustainability, dependability, and strengthening the bottom line. Stacy currently holds a State of Minnesota Chief A Engineers License.

Tim Rasmussen

Plant Manager

Tim is the Plant Manager of Koda Energy. His involvement with Koda Energy started while working as an electrician during the plant’s construction. Tim has been the lead maintenance technician at Koda Energy for the past twelve years. Prior to his employment at Koda, Tim worked for twelve years as an electrical foreman for an industrial contractor. Previous experience includes four years in the Rahr maintenance department and over eight years in the US Navy, serving as a nuclear qualified electrician. Tim is responsible for managing plant operations, maintenance, and personnel, reporting to the President of Koda Energy. Tim is a licensed Master A Electrician and a Chief A Engineer in the State of Minnesota.

Drew Cullen

Assistant Chief Engineer

Drew is the Assistant Chief Engineer of Koda Energy.  Born and raised in Shakopee, MN, his involvement with Koda Energy started in 2010 as a Plant Helper.  Since that time, Drew has held various positions at Koda, including Fuel Handler, Plant Assistant, and Plant Operator. Drew assists the Plant Manager and supports day-to-day plant operations, and reports to the Plant Manager.  Drew is a licensed Chief A Engineer in the State of Minnesota, and has an Associate’s Degree in Power Generation from Bismarck State College.

Jesse Donaldson

Fuel & Transportation Coordinator

Jesse Donaldson is the Fuel and Transportation Coordinator for Koda Energy.  Jesse started with Koda back in 2009 as a Fuel Handler.  Prior to Koda, Jesse worked in the compost/landscape industry, overseeing sales and logistics for 13 years.  On a daily basis, Jesse maintains relationships with new and longstanding biomass vendors, coordinates trucking logistics and maintenance, while supporting Operations with the fuel receiving process.  Jesse currently holds a CDL and can at times be found driving one of the three Koda Energy 2018 Peterbilt tractors.

Rachael (Esquino) Taylor

Office Manager

Rachael Taylor is the Office Manager for Koda Energy, LLC.  Rachael came onboard with Koda as a temporary employee in 2011 and was hired on full time in January 2012.  Rachael brings to the table 10 years of industrial/safety knowledge, 4+ years working in the HR field, and many previous years working in an office setting.  On a day-to-day basis, Rachael tracks Koda’s biomass receiving and storage, performs purchasing as well as accounting functions, handles Koda’s DOT compliance, and supports Koda Energy operations and management.  Rachael was raised in Murrysville, Pennsylvania and currently holds a Notary Public commission.